Monica Serpa

Monica began dancing as a child in her home country Brazil. After moving to the United States in 2011, Monica began competing in Ballroom Dance. Her years of competition taught her the many benefits of dance and fitness. When the opportunity came to open a studio of her own, she seized the chance to share her love of dance with an extended family. And so, Silicon Valley Dance Club (SVDC) was born. Welcome and let’s dance!

Artjom Shmigeljuk

Artjom Shmigeljuk started dancing at the age of seven and won a number of competitions in his home country Estonia. In the United States, he was a finalist in many amateur and professional dance championships. Artjom has coached many Pro-Am students and takes pride in their success. He is a dedicated instructor whose teaching techniques and creative choreographies bring out the best in his students. Artjom specializes in International Latin, American Rhythm, Standard Ballroom, Smooth Ballroom, Wedding Dances, and Kids Ballroom.

Brynna Hayes

Brynna Hayes discovered Lindy Hop in 2010, and was thrilled to find a dance that was meant to be danced to the jazz music she loved as a child. She aims to make both her own dancing and her classes feel playful, rhythmically interesting, and historically grounded. Brynna strongly believes that both leaders and followers have an equal voice in the dance, and works to reflect this by giving equal time to both roles in her classes. In her teaching, she emphasizes visual learning, foundational movements, and inclusivity. On the social dance floor, you can find her leading or following, so feel free to come ask her to dance either role!

Lawra Lopez
Satyam Shrestha

Satyam studied various Indian and Nepali folk and classical dances as well as western Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Contemporary. He has been teaching, performing and choreographing dance professionally for over seventeen years. Satyam has also worked in various feature films in India and Nepal and was the first to establish a professional Jazz and Contemporary dance company in Nepal. After moving to the US, he continued training in New York at Broadway Dance Center and in Los Angeles at Millennium Dance Complex and Lines Ballet. You can view Satyam’s dancing on his youtube account here.

Stephen Ward

A highly-talented dancer and instructor with a diverse background ranging from freestyle, Country Western, West Coast Swing, ballroom & ballet. Stephen is a devoted Hustle dancer and is wholly dedicated toward the preservation, promotion & growth of Hustle dancing in the SF Bay Area.

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